Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Editing a story

Today the children edited the story of The Three Little Pigs. They changed the characters and the settings of the story. 

They began by creating a story map which they then used to write the story. The children used word banks and sound mats to help them.

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Year 1’s trip to Warwick Castle

On Tuesday 13th March all of Year 1 went to Warwick Castle. We had a lovely day and all the children were really well behaved. We learnt so much about castles and it has helped us with our Once Upon a Time topic. 

Today we have been writing recounts of our trip. Here is some of our lovely writing. 

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Computers can be used to model or simulate real life, they can be games or even science experiments.  As long as the computer has the right information it can model what would happen.  As it is in a virtual world time can be sped up so a few minutes can become a few weeks or months!

BBC Learning Clips – Growing Plants

Today we are going to be using a website to help us find out about making plants grow.

BBC Science – Plants

We can use

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World Book Day 1G

We had a super world book day and we loved all the different costumes children wore!IMG_0353

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1G class assembly

A huge well done to 1G on their class assembly this week on Lady Godiva. The children have worked very hard this term learning about important people and events from the past. Thank you to all of the parents that attended.


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1B’s class assembly

A huge well done to 1B for their class assembly about Lady Godiva this morning. Thank you to all the parents that came to support their children. The children were very proud of their hard work.

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Assembly practise

Year 1 have been busy rehearsing for their class assemblies which they will perform next week. We can’t wait to show off their lovely acting skills! 
The dates and times are as followed:
1B – Tuesday 13th February at 9.00am

1G – Tuesday 13th February at 2.30pm

1F – Wednesday 14th February at 9.00am

We will be very grateful if you could continue to practise their lines with them at home. 


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Sharing equally 

In maths we worked hard on halving numbers and objects equally into 2 groups. Some of us even tried sharing equally into 3 groups! We used the language of half, halving, same, equal, sharing and groups.

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