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Look what we are learning.

Point the way… Arrow Keys!

This week in computing we are making sure we can log in to the new laptop as it is a little different from the old laptops – and actually easier as we don’t need to press three buttons at the same time to login.

This week the game uses some different keys – the arrow keys.

They make the yellow circle – Pacman – move around the maze.  But stay away from the ghosts or you might get eaten!  Pacman needs to munch up all the yellow food to get to the next level.

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Strike a pose!

In computing this term we are working on iPads to take good pictures.  Mr Connolly gave the class some superhints to taking a good picture. Then we practised taking pictures of each other.

Top tips.

  • Make sure the camera is at the top of the iPad.
  • Keep finger away from the lens.
  • Be at the the same level as the person you are taking a picture of.
  • Try and keep the iPad still
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Let’s find out about…

Next week is a very important week for Christians – Holy Week.  The week before Easter.  Mr Connolly will be leading the assembly so we need to know a little about it before hand.  So we are going to use the links to find out lots.

 BBC Let’s Celebrate Easter


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Computers can be used to model or simulate real life, they can be games or even science experiments.  As long as the computer has the right information it can model what would happen.  As it is in a virtual world time can be sped up so a few minutes can become a few weeks or months!

BBC Learning Clips – Growing Plants

Today we are going to be using a website to help us find out about making plants grow.

BBC Science – Plants

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Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day?

Today in computing we are finding out all about a special day celebrated in Great Britain – Mothering Sunday or is it Mother’s Day?

Espresso Film about Mothering Sunday.

Read about it on Espresso.

CBBC Radio – Mothering Sunday

How we could make the day special.



Something a little bit trickier to read…




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What an old ruin!

For the last 3 weeks Year 1 have been visiting Kenilworth Castle, one class at a time.  We have been very lucky with the weather each week, needing coats to stay warm – especially last week with the wind – but not for rain.  On one of the outings we even met Mrs Carter who lives in Kenilworth.  A huge thank you to all the parent helpers that came with us.

After eating our lunch in a castle, Mr Connolly gave each class a quick tour Kenilworth Castle, and took us around a bedroom built for a queen, and a room that Queen Elizabeth went dancing and the kitchen and a cellar but it is all a ruin now!  As it was a base for the King’s forces in the English Civil war it got blown up afterwards in 1649.

Our next trip is to Warwick Castle, lthough just 4 miles away it is very different.

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Class Assemblies

This week 1F, 1B and 1M all performed our class assemblies. This children have been working hard all term to practise their lines and learn the songs and dances! They all enjoyed sharing what they had learnt about Chinese new year!


We hope you all enjoyed coming to watch us perform!

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We Are Animators!

In Computing this afternoon we became animators and made a mini film. We used the APP Puppet Pals a basic version on the Apple APP store is free!

This was our first time using the iPads in our learning so we had to learn to swipe and pinch to use them. By the end of the lesson we had all made a test animation, it was tricky to make the characters move and for us to speak at the same time.
If up you have an iPad at home try the APP, Mr Connolly would love to see the films.

We even saw the award winning film Year 1 made two years ago!

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