Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.


In Geography we are learning about the United Kingdom. Today we looked at England. 

Can you find England on a map?

Try answering the following questions about England:

What is the capital city of England?

What is the national flower?

Point to the flag of England – 

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Take away

This week in maths we have been learning how to take away.


The children have been using different objects to solve the take away questions. They made sure they carefully counted how many objects they had left.

download (2)

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Mrs Carter’s group is comparing size!


Take a look at this website and use the mouse or click on the picture to say which is the biggest or smallest.

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We are scientists

In science we  have been exploring light sources. We looked at what the word source means and which objects around us give light. 

How many light sources can you name in your home? 

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We are artists

In art we have been learning about the artist Henri Matisse and the artwork he created. Henri Matisse painted pictures and created abstract art. Here are some examples of his work.

We had a try at creating a superhero in the style of Henri Matisse. This was before our learning. On Wednesday we will learning to cut shapes of different sizes. We will then apply these skills to creating another superhero next week. 

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It’s good to read!

The children have been using many different skills to help them read. They have been using Fred talk, looking for special friends in words and splitting longer words to make them easier to read. Remember to read at home at home as often as possible and record it in your diaries. 

There are words everywhere so why not practise your reading everywhere you go! 

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In PE the children have been practising balancing and jumping using different equipment. 

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