Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Diwali – Online information.


Computers are a great way of finding out lots of information.  Today in computing we are using the skills we have learned this half term to log on to the computer, use headphones and click on a link from the blog to find out all about the festival of Diwali that takes place over the holiday next week.

Discovery education can be used at home, but you need to log in, but in school we can go directly.

Espresso – All about Diwali

These links can be accessed at home.

Cbeebies Diwali Story & Information

BBC Bitesize – Diwali

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We are learning to measure the mass of objects  

In maths we were learning about weight/mass and how to measure it. We looked at key vocabulary which we used throughout the lesson. We looked at different objects and guessed which objects were heavy or light just by looking at them. We discussed how sometimes this could be difficult so we decided to measure by using our hands.

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