Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Party time!

We had our fantastic Christmas parties today and we had a visit by Santa, played party games , danced and had some party food. Thank you to all the parents for the party food and thank you to all the children that made it so fun! Look at what we got up to…





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Putting ourselves in the frame.

In Computing, we have been using the Directors Cut version of Puppet Pals to put ourselves into a cartoon style film. We needed to work together to take pictures of each other and when we started our animation to make the two characters move and talk




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Today we had the exciting opportunity to see a pantomime in school. We laughed, cheered and booed at the amazing characters in the Dick Whittington show. We really enjoyed the experience and loved watching. Have a look…




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We love to read!

We are enjoying reading all the different books in class and talking to each other about them. See which books you can share at home with your child and ask them questions about what they are reading.

Questions like :
Who is your favourite character?
What part did you like and why?
What happened in the end?
Who is talking on this page?
Who are the characters?

You can enjoy and read the books in your home language too!



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Breakfast fruit kebabs

As part of Design and Technology, the children have been learning to design, make and evaluate simple snacks which could be made easily at home by themselves. Last week they made banana pops and today we made breakfast fruit kebabs.

We followed a simple recipe.


Which fruits are your favourite?
What did you do first, next and last?
Why don’t you make it at home following the recipe above.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic kebabs.




The children used their maths skills to make patterns for their fruit kebabs. Can you make a pattern using fruit?

If you make any healthy snacks at home then please share as we would love to see them.

Here are some links to websites which are about healthy eating –

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We have been learning to compare the mass of objects. We started our activity with three water bottles all the same size. We put one water bottle in each hand to feel the mass. We compared the mass by saying ‘I think this water bottle is heavier than the other water bottle’. We then used our working together key to pass the water bottles to our partner to see if they agreed, listening carefully to their opinion. After we started to place the water bottles in order from heaviest to lightest. Finally, as a challenge we collected our own water bottle and compared it’s mass to the other water bottles; trying to place all the water bottles in order.

We also did this activity with different objects. Have a look.



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This week we are learning…

This week we will be learning to measure the mass of objects. Do you know what mass means? We have started to measure the mass of objects by holding one in each hand and feeling which is heavier than the other. We will be moving onto using balancing scales to compare the mass of items and finally using non-standard units (cubes, marbles etc) to measure how heavy or light they are. Have a go at comparing the animals mass on this Tesiboard game. http://www.iboard.co.uk/iwb/Comparing-Animal-Weights-679

Can you use measuring scales at home to make a snack?


This week we will be learning to design, make and evaluate a breakfast snack. We will design a breakfast fruit skewer trying to use a pattern. We will also write instructions to describe how to make our snack. After we will make our snack practicing our peeling and cutting skills. Finally, we will evaluate our snack describing what went well and what we could have done better.


Can you make your own fruit skewer at home?


This week we will be learning about how day length changes in the different seasons. We will be learning about how we have less sun hours during winter and longer nights while in summer we have longer sun light hours and shorter nights. Can you look at what time the sun rises and sets and what you are doing at this time?


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Puppet Theatre.

Today as part of our work on film making we started working with an APP called Puppet Pals this programme allows up to create animated films with characters. There is a free version if the APP available if you want to have a go at home.




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Letters and sounds.

We have been practising making words from our books. We used our Fred talk to read a word from the book. We then sounded the word out on our Fred fingers. Finally we found the correct letter in our letter box and made the word on our whiteboard.


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Money bank

This week Year 1 have been learning all about money. We have been learning the value for each coin and looked at how they are different in size and shape. Can you identify the coins the below and do you know how much they are worth?


We have also been looking at prices and solving money problems.


Can you solve our money problems?
Ben went to the shop and spent 7p.
Jan went to the shop and spent 3p.
Who spent more money at the shop?

Also, we have been learning how to use money to pay for items. We had to think carefully about the price of the item and the value of the coins. We had to add the coin’s value together to make the total.


Can you pay for items at home using the link below?

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