Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Can you make a sandwich?

As an extra special Mr Connolly would like Year 1 pupils to practise making sandwiches at home, they don’t have to be jam.

Rather than just make the sandwich you need to practise talking clearly what you make as if you were a TV chef, like Katy from ‘I can cook’

Remember to tell your audience to wash their hands to start and what you need to make the sandwich as well as how to make it.

It may help your speaking to try and remember to use words like: spread, place, cut, carefully, slice of bread.

When you have made your sandwich I would love to see the finished results before you eat them… So e-mail me a picture, ict@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk
and I will put them on the blog so don’t forget your name.

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Sandwich Bot Makes a Mess!

This week in computing we were visited by a very messy Sandwich Bot.

He followed our commands carefully, but if we didn’t tell him clearly enough he made mistakes… Trying to spread butter with his hands!



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Changes around us

As part of our history we are learning to recognise changes in our living memory. We decided to go on a walk around our school and identified some of the changes that are happening around us.

We noticed changes in the weather and what happens during Autumn. We also noticed changes to our school.



What changes have you noticed?
Why do you think these changes are being made?
How are these changes affecting us?

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