Topic homework

We know many of you have completed all of the topic activities so keep an eye out for a small … More

Money, money, money

Next week in maths we are looking at money. The best way for children to learn about money is to … More

Pyjama day

A quick reminder to say that tomorrow is pyjama day to raise money for Children in Need. A £1 donation … More

Naming materials

In science we have been learning about identifying objects and naming the materials that they are made from. We discussed … More

Halving objects 

In maths this week we have been learning to halve. We have been learning about the vocabulary we need to … More

Superhero training

The children had a fantastic day training with Spiderman to be a level 1 superhero. All the children have fully … More

Say cheese…

We continue our work on the iPads taking pictures.  This time we went outside to snap some pictures.