Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Half term homework

A big well done to all the children for their hard work during the first half term. We hope you continue the hard work throughout your half term. Here is the homework which you should all have stuck into your homework books.


Have a good half term holiday!

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This is our last week of logging on!  Can you do it all by yourself?


Make sure you press

Ctrl Alt & Del buttons at the same time.

Remember there is no password for year 1, just press the return button – that is the big button!

When you have done that can you use the mouse keys to move Dangermouse.


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Exploring our senses

This afternoon in Science, we explored our sense of touch, sight, hearing and smell. The children had a fantastic time trying to guess what they could hear, smell, feel and see.


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More measuring with non-standard units

Can you name any non-standard units of measure?




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Artists in action

Following on from our session on Henri Matisse we have tried to imitate his work by making a superhero version of his Icarus (Greek God):

We started by using scissors to draw our superhero, then we cut out the ‘pow’ stars and put it altogether. 

Look at our finished work!!!! Aren’t we great artists?!


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Sound of the week 12.10.15


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Measuring madness!

Today we have been using equipment to measure the length, height and width of pictures. Most of us chose to use cubes to help us measure! 


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Keeping safe…

‘My body belongs to me!’ 

This is the message we have given the children through our PSHE and we have talked about how we keep our bodies private and safe. We also discussed what to do if we do not feel safe: ‘We should tell someone.’ 

Next week we are going to explore which adults are part of our safe circle and who we can trust to talk to. We would like it if you can help your child start thinking about which adults at home they can talk to if they do not feel safe. This will help them create their safe circle next week. 


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Long or short?

We have been using the language long, short, longer, shorter and longest or shortest. We used this language to compare the length of string and straws. We even had a go at putting them in order!


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Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse is an artist who used special techniques to make his art work. 

 We practised copying his art work by drawing with scissors, take a look at what we achieved. Does it look like the real thing?


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