Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

We Are Animators!

In Computing this afternoon we became animators and made a mini film. We used the APP Puppet Pals a basic version on the Apple APP store is free!

This was our first time using the iPads in our learning so we had to learn to swipe and pinch to use them. By the end of the lesson we had all made a test animation, it was tricky to make the characters move and for us to speak at the same time.
If up you have an iPad at home try the APP, Mr Connolly would love to see the films.

We even saw the award winning film Year 1 made two years ago!

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Movie makers.

In computing we are making our own animated films using Puppet Pals HD. We work in pairs as it means our characters can have different voices. 

The one problem we have is that we get very excited and so we get noise from other children on our films!  It is very easy to act our stories.  Last year pupils made a movie that won a Digital Award.

Can we make an even better film this year?

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