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Fish Description – 11/6/20

Yesterday you learnt all about fish! Today we would like you to choose your favourite fish and write a description of it. Use the word bank and images below to support you. Use the facts below to support your writing!

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SUMMER – 3/6/20

Today we are learning all about summer! Click the images below to sing a song about the seasons!

TASK 1 – Go outside and look for signs of summer

TASK 2 – Draw/write about what you noticed on your walk! Use the word bank below to support your writing.


Practise reading and writing the words of the week.

Herbivores, omnivores & carnivores – 18/5/20

CHALLENGE 1 – Can you use the knowledge you have used this half term to decide if the statements are true or false?

CHALLENGE 2 -Lets watch a video to help us answer the questions below!


Play the carnivore, herbivore and omnivore game below! Click the image to play!

This weeks words of the week are below. Practise reading and writing them!

Omnivores – 11/5/20

This week we are learning about omnivores. Click on the poster to watch a video!

Lets have a look at some omnivores and find out what they like to eat.

Today your activity is to use the information above to write sentences about different omnivores and what they eat.

E.g. An omnivore is animal that eats meat and plants. Chimpanzees eat figs, fruit, insects, meat and leaves.



Test your knowledge of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores on purple mash!

If you need support logging on, email us at


Below are this weeks words of the week. Practise reading and spelling these words throughout the week.

Animal Riddles 6/5/20

Today we would like you to use your writing skills to write an animal riddle! Have a look at the examples below to help you! Can you solve the riddles?

Can you spot the question marks?


Write 3 animal riddles using the word bank below! Can someone in your house solve your animal riddle?


Don’t forget to keep practising reading and writing the words of the week!


Today we are going to be learning about herbivores. Click the image below to watch a video to find out more information.

Lets have a look at some herbivores and find out what they eat!

Today your activity is to use the information above to write sentences about different herbivores and what they eat.

E.g. A herbivore is animal that eats plants. A cow is a herbivore and they eat grass and grains.


Welcome to SPRING! We are now in a new season and we would like you to describe spring!

We have set an activity for you to complete on purple mash. First you will watch a video and then you will use this to fill in the online worksheet to describe spring.

Click on 2Dos to find you task!
Purple Mash activity

If you cannot find your login please email:

If you don’t have access to a computer to complete this please use the information below and your own observations of the weather and plants outside to describe spring. Complete this in your red workbooks.

Signs of Spring
Weather in Spring