Daisy the Dinosaur

In Computing we have been using Daisy the Dinosaur by Hopscotch Technologies to introduce pupils to simple computer programming. Last … More

We are artists

This afternoon we all became artists. We chose to create a picture in the style of one of the artists … More

Buttons and shoes .

Some children really struggle when changing for PE or putting their indoor or outdoor shoes on the correct feet. This … More

Measure it!

We have been learning how to measure objects using non-standard units such as cubes, match sticks and straws. We used … More

Paul Klee

We have started to look at an artist called Paul Klee. We looked at lots of different pictures he has … More

As tall as a giant

Today Year 1 have been learning how measure height. We have learnt to stand back to back to compare who … More

Longest to shortest

This week Year 1 have started to learn how to measure. Today we learnt how to compare and order the … More

How do you feel?

Today we went for a learning walk around the playground to explore our sense of touch. We learnt that we … More