Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

It’s not real!

After doing so well learning to log in we are going to look at how computers allow us to try things in the real world we couldn’t usually do or that might be dangerous.  These have a special name – SIMULATIONS

So that we can properly play the SIMULATION without disturbing our neighbour we are going to learn to use the headphones all on our own! There are three things that can stop them working properly!

  • Are the plug in properly.
  • Is the volume turned on?
  • Is the sound turned up?

Remember they will only play sound if a website has some sound on!


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Point the way… Arrow Keys!

This week in computing we are making sure we can log in to the new laptop as it is a little different from the old laptops – and actually easier as we don’t need to press three buttons at the same time to login.

This week the game uses some different keys – the arrow keys.

They make the yellow circle – Pacman – move around the maze.  But stay away from the ghosts or you might get eaten!  Pacman needs to munch up all the yellow food to get to the next level.

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Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day?

Today in computing we are finding out all about a special day celebrated in Great Britain – Mothering Sunday or is it Mother’s Day?

Espresso Film about Mothering Sunday.

Read about it on Espresso.

CBBC Radio – Mothering Sunday

How we could make the day special.



Something a little bit trickier to read…




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Diwali – Online information.


Computers are a great way of finding out lots of information.  Today in computing we are using the skills we have learned this half term to log on to the computer, use headphones and click on a link from the blog to find out all about the festival of Diwali that takes place over the holiday next week.

Discovery education can be used at home, but you need to log in, but in school we can go directly.

Espresso – All about Diwali

These links can be accessed at home.

Cbeebies Diwali Story & Information

BBC Bitesize – Diwali

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Computer Driving Licence

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Technology can help us learn.

Computers can be very useful at school as we can play lots of games to help our learning. This week in maths we have been learning to tell the time and in computing we are going to use a program to help us practise telling the time.

Telling the time – Video

Hour and half past (School only)

Telling the time game

More time with months and days. (School only)

Espresso Time activities

Time Activities at home

BBC Bitesize KS1

Hickory Dickory Game


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Say cheese…

In Computing today we have been using the iPads to take lots of pictures.

We posed standing and sitting even lying down!


And even some selfies, but we aren’t quite as professional as Miss Tallentire at taking them yet!  

We had to use Mr Connolly’s top tips.

  • Make sure the camera is at the top… (It saves work later)
  • Keep fingers out the way.
  • Stop the wobble.
  • If we are taking a person pick… Shoulders, waist or whole body don’t chop off the feet!

We could even have a go at taking some at home if our mums and dads let us use the phones.

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