We have been painting! We have used water colours to paint the background of our under the sea moving picture. … More

Moving pictures

We have been designing our own moving pictures in topic. We thought about what our under the sea scene would … More

Amazing authors

Today Year 1 have become authors and wrote the problem to their under the sea stories. We then shared our … More

Sea Life centre

Year 1 took a trip to the Sea Life centre to visit all the under the sea creatures. We had … More

Float or sink?

We have learnt all about objects that float and sink. We have learnt why some objects float and why some … More


This week we have been learning to sort different things according to two different criteria. We have done this by … More

This week we are learning

Numeracy This week we will be learning how to sort different objects and images according to their properties. We will … More

String ray experts

We worked with a partner to find out key information about string rays. We used highlighters to highlight the main … More

Research experts

Year 1 became research experts today through researching hammerhead sharks by watching a video. We learnt how to take notes … More