Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Reading for enjoyment

We have been practising our reading and comprehension skills in Guided Reading. We all enjoyed completing our different reading activities…

We enjoyed reading and sharing picture books independently with our friends in the story corner.





We enjoyed sharing the books we took home over the holidays. We discussed whether we liked our book and what we liked about it, what happened in our story and the characters and setting. After we choose a new book to take home.


We enjoyed reading to our class teachers looking at non-fiction books together; especially finding out more about animals.



Finally, we enjoyed retrieving information from our non-fiction book to write facts about snails.


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Letters and sounds.

We have been practising making words from our books. We used our Fred talk to read a word from the book. We then sounded the word out on our Fred fingers. Finally we found the correct letter in our letter box and made the word on our whiteboard.


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Days of the week

This week we have been learning the days of the week. We have read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story to help use learn the order of the days of the week and practised singing our days of the week song.






Can you sing our days of the week song at home to learn the order?


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Sharing a book

The children in Year 1 are starting to develop a love for books. They are starting to extremely enjoy looking at books in the story corner and sharing a book together.





Can you share books at home with your child to encourage their love for books and reading.

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This week we are learning…

This week we will learning to sequence events and know about times in relation to days, weeks and months.

Sequencing events
We will be looking at our day including waking up, coming to school and going home. We will also be hearing about character’s days at school. We will be ordering these events together as groups and independently. Can you talk about your day at home using the words first, after, next, before, last?

Days of the week
We will be learning that there are 7 days in a week and they are put together to make months and years. We will be learning the names of the days through the story of the hungry caterpillar and singing our days of the week song. Can you practise singing the song below?


We will continue to learn new sounds, read green and red word cards, read our books and write sentences. Keep practising your sounds at home and reading your home reader.


This week in Topic we will be learning about the seasons, specially autumn. We will be learning about the months of the year in the autumn season, the weather changing and events during this time including harvest.

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Reading champions

This week we have been practising our reading. We have explored books together in our story corners and used our Fred stations. We have even had a go at being Read Write Inc teachers by teaching each other our sounds.
Can you practise your sounds at home?




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