Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.


In English we read some of our favourite stories to one another.




What is your favourite book?
Why is this book your favourite?
Is it a fiction or non-fiction book?

Remember to read at home on a daily basis!

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Dudley zoo!

Year 1 had a fantastic day at the zoo. The children were well behaved and showed their BEST at all times. Well done year 1!

We were lucky to have lovely weather throughout the day. The children saw many animals from around the world and were able to talk about the continents that they are from as well as their diets. The children were able to apply all their knowledge from our geography and science lessons.


Do you recognise these animals? Watch out as some are in disguise!







Which animal was your favourite and why?

Today we wrote a recount of our trip.



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We’re going to the Zoo!

On Monday Year 1 are going to the zoo.

In Computing we are also going to be making a trip to the zoo but online.

We can see and learn about the animals before we go.



As well as play some Zoo games.







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Road Safety Competition

Shockingly, a child or young person is killed or injured on a road in the UK every ten minutes. Road deaths are the biggest accidental cause of death among our country’s children and young adults so this week in school are looking at road safety in assembly and holding a Poster Competition.

To stand a chance of winning your poster should:-

  • A4 sized
  • Eye catching
  • Have a clear message
  • Suitable for a school audience
  • Be your own work

You have until Monday 27th to get your poster in to Mr Connolly.

Here are some useful links that may give you ideas.




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This afternoon we had a visit from the school librarians.


They talked to us about what a library is and what we do there. Do you visit a library?What kind of books do you like to read and why?
Remember it is free to borrow a book from the library so you are open to many choices!

All the children in year 1 visit the school library every Friday and some children even visit a public library outside of school.

Remember reading is very important so please read at home at often as possible.


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Mouse pad control!

At the start of the year we had to learn how to log on and use the mouse pad!  How much better are we at this now?  Once we have log on we are using some useful games from the BBC to practise controlling the mouse/touch pad or clicking.  To use the games we had to use the internet,  we looked at how school keeps us safe using the internet by blocking sites and looking at websites we go on in school.  Then thought about how we can use the internet at home but still how we need to keep safe.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/games/andys-prehistoric-park  – develop mouse control

http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/games/swashbuckle-pirate-cannons – clicking on the mouse

You could try using these games at home.  Can you tell your parents how we can stay safe on the internet at school?

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The world around us

Year 1 have returned from their trip around the world and visited the seven continents of the world and travelled across the five oceans.

In Geography the children worked in groups to put together a jigsaw of a continent. Once they had discovered which continent they had, they worked in groups to write down all the information they had learnt about that continent.

The children then presented the work they had done to the rest of the class.


Can you name the seven continents of the world?
Can you name the five oceans of the world?
Which animals live there?
Which foods do people eat there?
Which physical and human features can you name from each continent?

Here are some songs that we have been singing in school to help us remember all this information.

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