Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Parts of a plant 

Can you label the parts of a plant? To help us we acted as those parts and made a human plant!!!

Can you see who made which parts? 

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Warwick University Partnership

This afternoon we had a visit from some Warwick University students. They shared a new book with us called Flotsam, it was all about sea creatures. We then made some creatures out of junk modelling and wrote about them. To see our best bits we have created a beautiful display board in the year 1 area.


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Using Computers to find out.

This week in Computing I want you to login as Year 1 on the laptops, use Internet Explorer get onto the Year 1 blog and then watch any of the clips below all about Chinese New Year.  You might need to use the headphones!

Remember C3 B4 ME


The story of Chinese New Year.





Matching Game.


Espresso -In school only

Make at home.


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Queen Victoria’s coronation

Today we learned about Queen Victoria’s coronation and hot seated people in the class to ask what it was like for Queen Victoria to be made the queen.


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Sound of the week


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100% and the BEST Cup.


 Well done to all of Year 1 as every class is over the 96% target! This is the second week in a row and the second week in a row 1B have got 100% again.
Not only did 1B get the treat by coming in to school but that extra attendance means they can earn even more BEST points and this helped their class win the BEST point class trophy. 


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Science – What do plants need?

Today we planted a seed using the things we believe it needs to grow well: soil, water and sunshine. We will have to see if we were right as hopefully we will watch the seed grow!



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Victorian Times 

In our topic Once Upon a Time we have been looking at history (which means things that happened in the past). We have been studying Queen Victoria and the events and inventions that changed the way we live which happened when she was queen. The children created a timeline in groups and then worked independently to show the events in chronological order (which means time order).




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2count a graph!

Today in Computing we are going to use 2Count to draw a graph of the colour of cars in the car park.  At lunchtime I went around and did a tally to see how many of each there were.


Can you remember what we did last week to make the graph?

This week you and your partner are going to work in pairs to make me a car graph.

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Can you come prepared…for maths?

Tomorrow we are going to be exploring our number bonds for 10, can you start to practise at home to help?

Here’s a game you can try:



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