Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Make a sandwich!

As part of your holiday homework Mr Connolly wants you to make a sandwich and write instructions on how to make it.  But rather than bring in them in you can e-mail your instructions as a picture and even a picture of your sandwich!

It doesn’t have to be a jam sandwich…  You could make a healthy one – BUT these would be new words the bot would need!

Send the homework to:- MrC@holbrookprimary.com



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Math songs

In Year 1 we are always practising our counting. Challenge yourself at home by using our counting songs to practise counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s by clicking the link below.





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Problem solving at home

Have a go at creating your own problems at home. Here are some ideas…

The family is having dinner. We need 4 forks and 4 knifes. How many knifes and forks do we need altogether?


I have 10p. If I share if between you and your sister how much will you get each?


If you bought 13 sweets and I ate 7, how many would you have left?


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This week we are learning…

This week Year 1 will be learning…


We will be doing lots of different things this week. We will be practising our counting back. Can you count back from 20 together? We will working together to find 1 less than a number. Can you find 1 less than 2? What about 1 less than 12? We will also be practising our takeaway skills. To help at home get some objects and practice taking them away e.g. 3-2= and 10-5=




In RWI we will be continuing to practice our sounds and read our RWI books. We will also be writing our sounds and sentences. Keep practising your sounds at home and doing your RWI homework.




This week in Topic we will be thinking like scientists and looking at animals. We will be looking at different animals and recognising and comparing their body parts. We will also be learning that animals have offspring and what they are called. Do you know what a horses baby is called? What about a goat?


This week in PE will continue to build on our multi skills by developing the way we move, our throwing skills and our balancing. We will also be joining in on the skipathon on Friday so do not forget your PE or sponsor money!

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Money, money, money!

The past two weeks year 1 have been looking at money in Numeracy. To help your child improve their coin recognition, ability to count money and make totals (e.g. 3p and 7p) let your child play with coins at home to allow them to develop their money skills.

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Homework (30.11.12)

Please complete and return by Wednesday 5.12.12.


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Homework (16.11.12)

Please complete and return to school by Tuesday 20.11.12. If you need any help please just ask.


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Homework (9.11.12)

Please complete and return to school.


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Homework (26.10.12)

Please complete and return for the 6.11.12.


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