Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Problem solving superstars!

We used our addition and subtraction knowledge to solve the triangle problems it was very tricky!! Well done for showing stickability to keep on trying ūüėä





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In geography we are learning about the 7 continents of the world and the 5 oceans. So far we have been learning about Europe and Africa. Which oceans are next to Europe and Africa?


What facts have you learnt about the continents so far? Which animals live in these continents?

Here is our song that we have been learning in school to help us remember the continents:

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Number fact detectives!!

In maths we became pattern detectives! We looked at our number bonds to 10 and 20 to see if we could find a pattern! Can you tell us what you noticed? Were there any patterns?





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Wow! Super science!

20160427-155422.jpg<br /

A big well done to Eshal in 1B who entered the science poster competition for National Science week and has been shortlisted for the competition.

The criteria for the poster was


She has been shortlisted out of more than 1600 entries so it is an extraordinary achievement to have got this far!!! The posters are now open to the public vote. Please feel free to get as many people to vote for the poster in the next week. The more votes the better the chances of winning!!!

Here is the link:

Once again a big well done Eshal and good luck!


Best Days of My Life

In singing practise we have started to learn the song Best Days of My Life by American Authors.  This is going to be used by Year 2 in their film they make in school.  To make the sound track really tuneful here is a links so you can practise the song at home.


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Read, Write Inc.

Each morning we go to different groups to do our phonics work in RWI (Read Write Inc) we practise our sounds, blending, tricky words and our spelling.  You may be able to spot a frog in the pictures. The frog is Fred, he only speaks in sounds (phonemes) and with our Fred fingers we can spell words.

We get sent home with sounds and words to practise and it is really important to do this as it helps develop our reading and writing.  An early post this week shows how to pronounce some of the sounds.   


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We are scientists!

In science we have been investigating light sources. We have been learning about which objects give off light and which reflect light.


As part of our investigation we had to design an outfit for Wee Willie Winkie to help him to see in the dark and to be seen by others in the dark.

Here is the video clip:


We made predictions and then went onto investigate by going under a dark table which was covered with material. The table had light and reflective sources under it.

This week we recorded our findings. What was your conclusion?



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Knowing how to pronounce the sounds…

Watch this great video of Sylvie showing you the set 1, 2 and 3 sounds and how to pronounce them.


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Reading is fun

The children read daily in school, whether it’s guided reading, one to one with an adult, reading books related to our topic, Read Write Inc…the list is endless!



Reading is so important for your child and reading at home is just as important as reading at school.

Don’t forget to sign your child’s reading record so that we can give them lots of BEST points!


If your child has a favourite book then we would love to share it with the rest of the class.

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Practise Your Sounds at home.

Over the last year in school children have been doing lots of work learning their sounds (phonemes) to help them read and spell in Read Write Inc.  Here is a little game to help practise picking the correct vowel phoneme.

Screenshot 2016-04-25 08.45.23

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