Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Banana pops fun!

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Can we log in?

This year we have learned how to log in.  We found it very difficult in September but now 9 months later we can do it all by ourselves, with NO HELP from Mr Connolly.

When we logged in we had to navigate to the blog before we could play the games. (Mums and Dads although we are playing games we are using many other skills without realising…

  • reading and comprehension to work out how to play the game.
  • Fine motor control – Mouse control / touch pad
  • Hand to eye coordination – a necessary  skill with ever present screen technology.
  • Number value – high scores!
  • As well as tactics

All these things learned when they are younger and more engage with technology is one major reason they will beat you beat you easily at FIFA 2020 If not before! Sorry.


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A reminder…

We are waiting for lots of trip letters still to come back into school, you must let us know whether you need a school packed lunch or if you are providing one from home.

If you have not yet paid and have lost you SIMS agora log in, please see the office. If you cannot find your post office bar code, attached to the trip letters we sent out, again please tell the office. We are unable to collect money at school.

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Say cheese…

In Computing today we have been using the iPads to take lots of pictures.

We posed standing and sitting even lying down!


And even some selfies, but we aren’t quite as professional as Miss Tallentire at taking them yet!  

We had to use Mr Connolly’s top tips.

  • Make sure the camera is at the top… (It saves work later)
  • Keep fingers out the way.
  • Stop the wobble.
  • If we are taking a person pick… Shoulders, waist or whole body don’t chop off the feet!

We could even have a go at taking some at home if our mums and dads let us use the phones.

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Fabulous homework

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School closed for year 1 and year 3 pupils

As I’m sure you have heard through the news, year 1 pupils are not to come to school on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Therefore, our welcome back will be delayed until Wednesday morning, we look forward to seeing you then.

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