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Remembrance Day


Today in Year 1, we all sat very quietly for 2 minutes at 11 o’clock to show our respect. We were very proud with how well behaved and sensible all of the children were.


Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day?

Why do we wear poppies?

Why do we celebrate it on the 11th November every year?


Let’s go to Numbots!

We need to make sure we go to Holbrook Primary School, Coventry or our login won’t work! The school postcode is CV6 6FR.

Your log in will be your name and 25, your password is your birthday!

John Smith who has a birthday of 16th June would be…

It is the same as your Google Account password! Press on the eye button to see your password… CHECK you have put a CAPITAL P THIS AD

Then you can pick your avatar and start playing the game to find out more of the story. The more you play, the better you do the more coins you can earn to improve your NumBot!

When you have finished your turn make sure you log out!

Autumn maths walk

This morning, the children have been on a walk collecting items from our school fields. The children were given numbers and certain objects to collect. When we came back into school, we compared them to see which group had the most and fewest. We then ordered them from most to least.

Which group had the most?

Which group had the fewest?

Can we find the blog?

In school lots of work is loaded onto the blog… So we need to know how to log in and get to the correct website… It can be tricky for younger computer users.

Today in Computing after we have log on and got to the right website, we are looking at how computers allow us to try things in the real world we couldn’t usually do or that might be dangerous. Today we are going to be a waiter!

Transition to Year 2

At this time of the year the children would have had a transition day to meet their new teachers. Since we have had to do things differently this year, the Year 2 teachers came in to read a story to us last week. For those children who missed out on meeting their teacher, they have made a special video with a message just for you!

Mrs Bansal is moving up with her class to Year 2 (2B).

Miss Foote is moving up with her class to Year 2 (2F).

Mrs Skeffington’s (1M) class is going Mr Kular (2K).

Reading activities for this week- 06.7.20-10.7.20

Here are this week’s 5 online stories. Choose one story a day to listen to.


Research the Author Eileen Browne.