Holbrook Primary – Year 1

Look what we are learning.

Can we log on?

Danger mouse game – using the space bar.

Dinosaur Adventure – clicking the mouse


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1 less

In maths the children used objects to count one less. 

What happens to the number when we count 1 less? Is the answer bigger or smaller? Do you have to count forwards or backwards? 

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5 senses

In Science we have been learning about how we use our 5 senses. We explored them by looking at different objects, tasting different food, touching different types of materials, smelling things and listening to the sounds instruments make.  

Can you name the 5 senses? How do you use them?

Here are some songs about the 5 senses:

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Climbing high!

In PE we have been using more apparatus to help develop our physical literacy.

The A-frames require lots of coordination of arms and legs to climb up and over safely as well as bravery as the blue frame is over 2m high!

Again the ladder balance requires arm and leg coordination working off the ground and at a different angle than we are normally at – some children have mastered this and just walk along the ladder!

This week Mr Connolly awarded 1F the Class PE Championship Cup as all the pupils had a PE kit and could join in the lesson fully.

Friday is the next PE lesson so remind your child to bring in their PE kit or keep it at school.

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Topic homework

A reminder that you should be choosing one piece of topic homework each week too. If you cannot remember the options, here is the sheet to help you!

Superhero homework AUT 2018

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Homework 21/09/18

Here is the homework your child is bringing home for maths. Please take the time to complete this together. Your child will have one of the coloured sheets depending on how tricky they find numbers. If your child finds the sheet in their book too tricky or too easy you can talk about the sheets on here and let your teacher know.





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Jumping and balancing

In PE we have been practicing our jumping and the tricky skill of balancing.

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Read, Write, Inc. Speed Sounds

On Friday all of Year 1 met their new Read, Write, Inc. teachers. The children have all been put into groups that will help their reading progress quickly and at their pace. Ask your children which sounds they are learning at home. 

Some children are learning these set 1 sounds:

Here is a video to demonstrate how they are pronounced: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hCBzNnSSxds

Some children are learning these set 2 sounds:

This video shows you how to say the sounds: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p7hRbrpq5Bo

Some children will be learning set 3 sounds:

Here is a video to help you: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PbrSu40SEvk

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