How do you feel?

Today we went for a learning walk around the playground to explore our sense of touch. We learnt that we … More

Building the world

We have been learning more about the United Kingdom in Year 1. We have learnt about Scotland and the capital … More


We have been learning about the season of autumn. We have learnt about how the weather gets colder and the … More

The world around us

We have started to learn about the world around us. This week we have learnt about the United Kingdom and … More

My body

In science we have been working on identifying and naming parts of the body. Can you list the different parts … More

Painted and decorated

We have been busy painting and decorating our 3D houses. We have also used lots of different materials to add … More

Making houses

Year 1 have started to make our 3D houses. We have drawn and cut our windows and door. Have a … More