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Home Learning

If you are currently self-isolating at home, we first and foremost hope that you are all safe and healthy. Please see below the Year 1 Home Learning document for all Year 1 children and their parents. You can use this document to help with continuing education at home. If you have any questions or get stuck with anything, please use the contact details on the document below and one of our team will respond to you as quickly as they can.

Home learning sheet



Lords and Ladies.

Today Year 1 went to Warwick Castle as part of their topic – Once Upon a Time.

We had a great time seeing so many wonderful things – The picture gallery below doesn’t show it all but it does give you a taste of all the exciting things we did.

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What was the best thing about the trip?


Warwick castle

This week we are going to be finding out information about Warwick castle. Can you use books or the internet at home to find out information about Warwick castle and come into school and wow your teacher with what you have found out!!

Could you research…

Who ordered Warwick castle to be built?
When was it first built?
Who lived there last?
What are the main features of the castle?