Monthly Archives: June 2013

This week we are learning

This week we will be learning to count and recognise coins by finding totals. We will also be learning how to find change by role playing in our class shop and using our money. To help at home you could look at real coins together (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p) and find different ways to make totals e.g. 3p =2p +1p. You could also have a go at playing some of the money games on ICT games.

We will continue to practise our sounds, read our books and write sentences together.

This week we will be writing a recount of our trip. We will be thinking about writing in order, using capital letters and full stops and using connectives. To help with our writing talk at home about our trip and think of interesting ways to describe what we saw and felt.


We will continue to learn about the difference between walking, jogging and running and try to run in a straight line having some friendly races.


We will be learning how to find a website using a web address. To help have a practise at home typing in the goggle address ( independently so that we can find educational games and books by ourselves in class next week.

Sea Life centre

Year 1 took a trip to the Sea Life centre to visit all the under the sea creatures. We had a fabulous day looking at all the tropical fish and amazing creatures. We saw hammerhead sharks and loggerhead turtles, touched a crab and a prickly starfish and even got to pop bubbles and shake in our seats in the Spongebob Square Pants 4D cinema. It was a day to remember. Thank you to all helpers and children for excellent behaviour.










Float or sink?

We have learnt all about objects that float and sink. We have learnt why some objects float and why some objects sink. To test our knowledge we made predictions about whether some objects would float or sink and tested our predictions by placing the objects in tanks to see for ourselves. Have a look…





This week we are learning


This week we will be learning how to sort different objects and images according to their properties. We will be learning how to sort them into a Carroll diagram for the first time and a Venn diagram which we have previously learnt. Why don’t you have a go at home on the game below.


This week we will continue to learn and practise our sounds and read words by sight and with expression. To help please read the words at the front of your reading record together and talk about the book you bring home e.g. Who were the characters? What happened? How did they feel? etc.


This week we will be looking at which objects would float in the sea and which objects would sink. Have a go at being a scientist at home and see if you can find objects that will float and sink in the bath. We will also be making our long awaited visited to the Sea Life Centre. We are all looking forward to seeing real sea creatures and how they move. If you have any questions about the trip please feel free to ask your child’s teacher.



This week we are going to learn how to find a website using an Internet browser (Education City). Please keep using the interactive games at home and completing the homework set on the website.


This term we will be doing athletics. This week we will be learning the difference between walking, jogging and running at speed. We will learn how we should move in these different ways thinking about how we should use our feet and arms.