SOUND OF THE DAY – 18/5/20

Set 1 Speed Sound

Today the sound of the day is th. Practise writing and reading the th sound.

Read the words below – which words are real and which words are nonsense?

Write the correct word to match each image.

Set 2 Speed Sound

Todays sound is ay. We would like you to focus on reading multisyllabic words – remember split the word into 2, sound out each part and then blend together. TASK: Choose 3 words and write them in a sentence.

Set 3 Speed Sound

This week we would like you to practise writing and reading words with spilt diagraphs. Start by watching the video below! Can you read the words in the video?


Choose a video to watch and read the words on the screen. Can you spot the a-e sound?


Write the correct word using the a-e sound to match each image. Use the word bank for additional support!

Don’t forget to tune into daily RWI lessons live on YouTube.

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